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The Present Moment 

Last night at yoga class the new instructor said something so simple yet powerful. I can’t remember her words exactly but it was something like this..
Those poses you just did are gone forever. The rest of the class doesn’t exist. All that does exist is right now. 
We spend so much time thinking about the past, worrying about the future. What if we slowed down just a little. What if we appreciate  the people around us. Take in the beauty of the trees, the flowers, the rain. Soak up the energy. Smile at strangers. Feel the ground under our feet and taste our food. Follow our breath through our body. 
I am guilty of letting the present moment slip away. Not listening when others speak. Not appreciating the beauty that surrounds me. Worrying. Questioning. 
Letting negative self talk and doubt run my day. 
Today I make the choice to live in this moment. I will feel and love. I will smile and show appreciation. I will love myself as much as I love others. I will give and share. I will be vulnerable. 
I will love this day. 

A New Year (Reflections Part 1)

A new year.

An ending and a beginning.

This should mean more to me than it does I suppose. I guess it’s a reason, an excuse, to start over, to try harder. To reflect. To let go.

I’ve always thought it odd how we measure our lives in years. We look back and say “that was a bad year” or “what a great year it’s been.” How would our lives change if we measured in days. If every day we woke up and decided to try harder, to set new goals, to reflect. To let go. To be present.

Instead of waking up a year from now and wondering what could have been done differently, we can set our intentions in the morning and meditate at night. We can live fully in the moment.

This is something I’ve been working on a lot recently.

Falling in love with the present moment. Taking the time to breath in the beauty that surrounds me. The trees, the moon, the rivers and the rocks. Feeling the wind and rain, the sun on my skin.

Letting go of trying to be who people think I should be and embracing who I am. Accepting that I am different. Letting go of fear and doubt.

To see people not for who I want them to be but to love them as they are. Closing my eyes and feeling their energy. Feeling the connection.

These simple yet powerful actions can bring me to tears. I’m often overcome with love and gratitude so intense all I want to do is lay down, close my eyes and soak it up. Its an amazing feeling of being right where I should be.

Knowing that it’s all so perfect.


Love the Crap out of Everything

Why not be enthusiastic about everything you do?

It might drive people crazy but as one of my favorite quotes by Deepak says “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

I still have my days where I actually choose to be sad, to feel lonely.

But the majority of the time, I am excited. I’m excited to go to work, excited about my future, about the present.

Life will always be a mess. I don’t have enough money, I have broke my own heart time and time again. I could list so many imperfections about life.

Life is supposed to be messy, imperfect.

I love the crap out of the imperfections.


Beautiful Mess

I spent a lot of my life changing for other people. Trying to fit into their boxes. Trying to be what society sees as normal.

The past couple years I’ve learned to accept the beautiful mess that I am.

I love who I am and who I am becoming.

Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by the beauty in this world and I cry. I get lonely. I change my mind daily. I want to be free of everything that ties me down. I love to laugh at 3am. I refuse to limit myself to one or two passions or to loving only select people. I still believe in magic. I will never take life too seriously. Under hobbies I will list “everything.” I crave a love I will probably never find. I give too much. My life is not in order. I want to be understood by someone.

People often think I am irresponsible and label me as “edgy.”

I am responsible with others. I love deep and forgive always. I show kindness and compassion.

I don’t want to be what they think I should be. I don’t need their approval anymore. I have to have faith that there are people who will be attracted to my mess. People who will understand. Who will see the beauty in the chaos.




Burn for what you love so much that when others are around you they can feel the heat.



I will always love every person I meet.

I will always forgive.

I will always give second chances.

I will always see beauty in the pain.

I will always help someone in need.

I choose these things not because I am weak. Not because I have unreal expectations about love and forgiveness. I do not refuse to see the world for what I really is. I am not naive.

I choose these things because I am strong. Because I believe that everyone deserves forgiveness, everyone deserves love. I am blessed to be able to see the world as a beautiful and magical place where nothing is impossible. I believe.


Just Keep Dreaming

Don’t listen when they say it’s impossible.

Don’t let their doubt hold you back.

Just keep dreaming.



This is the love I crave❤️


Today I Will

Smile and remember that today is a beautiful gift. I will send love and good energy to everyone I encounter.

I will be kind, loving, patient and offer forgiveness freely to myself and others when needed.

I will show gratitude for everything that enters my life. I will see it all as a beautiful blessing and an opportunity to grow.

I will give my help to anyone who needs it without expecting something in return.

I will laugh and play and enjoy this beautiful day.

I don’t just want to exist, I want to live.

I want to experience all of the beautiful things this world and it’s people have to offer. I want to exchange stories with strangers in different lands who live completely different lives than anything I could ever imagine. I want to hear their stories of love and loss, of suffering and joy. I want to hear about their conversations with God. I want to be filled with their memories, hopes and dreams. I want to know the history of their land and their people. I want to see the pain in their eyes, the happiness in their smiles, feel the peace in their hearts. I want to cry and laugh with them. I want to fight for their causes. I want to be captivated by the beauty of their soul, I want to fall in love with their cities. I want to swim in their rivers, explore their religions, play with their children. I want to dance in their streets and walk along their beaches. I want to watch their sunsets and make love under their stars.

I feel as if I already love every one of them and the places they live. Now I just want to know them, see them. To understand and experience them.

I want to experience all of this over and over again with an open heart, full of compassion, trust and understanding.