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Let Peace Find Them

Let us change the world with our love. With our peace, forgiveness and hope⭐️

This Moment 

Today I feel at peace. With my past. With my future.

I am in love with the present moment. 

The sun. The wind. The trees and the birds. I am overwhelmed by the beauty all around me. 

I am grateful for everyone who has come and gone. You have all taught me beautiful lessons. 

I have learned to love and to let go. To give and receive. I’ve learned to be vulnerable. 

Some days fear and sadness comes washes over me like an enormous wave. But I’ve learned to appreciate the darkness. To accept it.  

To overcome my fear. To choose happiness. 

All I know for certain is in the present moment, I am filled with gratitude. 

Let’s be Free

Let’s be adventurers and seekers
Let’s be curious and brave

Let’s be wild and bold

Let’s be free


Stay Wild, Be Free

Be curious, play with fire.

Ask a million questions, get dangerously close to the line.

Love without fear, and when your heart gets broken, love again.

Notice that every breath is an incredible miracle.

See the beauty in a strangers eyes.

Be passionate about everything you do. Don’t hide. Let that passion be contagious.

Live loud.

Take the risk, it’s worth it.

Embrace the mess that you are. The chaos, the imperfections.

Laugh loud and often.

Know that anything you need you can find within yourself.

Let go of expectations, doubt and worry.

Be present.

Be kind. Not only to kind people but to all.

Stay wild and be free. We aren’t meant to live in fear.


To be like a bird

Can you imagine?

To live without fear of judgement, without fear of falling

To live in a way that others feel safe and loved in your presence

To not only be forgiving but to never take offense

To not just feel connected with a few but with all

To know that everything you need is within you

To know when to fly away and when to stay

To be at peace.

Can you imagine that freedom?


Love the Crap out of Everything

Why not be enthusiastic about everything you do?

It might drive people crazy but as one of my favorite quotes by Deepak says “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

I still have my days where I actually choose to be sad, to feel lonely.

But the majority of the time, I am excited. I’m excited to go to work, excited about my future, about the present.

Life will always be a mess. I don’t have enough money, I have broke my own heart time and time again. I could list so many imperfections about life.

Life is supposed to be messy, imperfect.

I love the crap out of the imperfections.


Today I Will

Smile and remember that today is a beautiful gift. I will send love and good energy to everyone I encounter.

I will be kind, loving, patient and offer forgiveness freely to myself and others when needed.

I will show gratitude for everything that enters my life. I will see it all as a beautiful blessing and an opportunity to grow.

I will give my help to anyone who needs it without expecting something in return.

I will laugh and play and enjoy this beautiful day.