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Self Love

I trembled as I begged.

Forgive me.

For not knowing better.
For talking to you like you are nothing.
For the spite. The guilt.

Forgive me for not giving you what you deserve.
Forgive me for hurting you.
For making you feel small and unwanted.
For the pain. The constant doubt.

Forgive me for the put downs.
For the times I told you that you weren’t good enough.
For the worry. The lies.

I stood there

And as my reflection stared back at me
I begged one last time

Forgive me.

A New Year (Reflections Part 1)

A new year.

An ending and a beginning.

This should mean more to me than it does I suppose. I guess it’s a reason, an excuse, to start over, to try harder. To reflect. To let go.

I’ve always thought it odd how we measure our lives in years. We look back and say “that was a bad year” or “what a great year it’s been.” How would our lives change if we measured in days. If every day we woke up and decided to try harder, to set new goals, to reflect. To let go. To be present.

Instead of waking up a year from now and wondering what could have been done differently, we can set our intentions in the morning and meditate at night. We can live fully in the moment.

This is something I’ve been working on a lot recently.

Falling in love with the present moment. Taking the time to breath in the beauty that surrounds me. The trees, the moon, the rivers and the rocks. Feeling the wind and rain, the sun on my skin.

Letting go of trying to be who people think I should be and embracing who I am. Accepting that I am different. Letting go of fear and doubt.

To see people not for who I want them to be but to love them as they are. Closing my eyes and feeling their energy. Feeling the connection.

These simple yet powerful actions can bring me to tears. I’m often overcome with love and gratitude so intense all I want to do is lay down, close my eyes and soak it up. Its an amazing feeling of being right where I should be.

Knowing that it’s all so perfect.


To be like a bird

Can you imagine?

To live without fear of judgement, without fear of falling

To live in a way that others feel safe and loved in your presence

To not only be forgiving but to never take offense

To not just feel connected with a few but with all

To know that everything you need is within you

To know when to fly away and when to stay

To be at peace.

Can you imagine that freedom?


Share the Love

Today I encourage you to silently wish good things for others. For strangers, for family, for friends, for people who annoy you, to the struggling parent you see at the grocery store, to the person who cuts you off in traffic.

Don’t limit yourself, don’t leave people out.

Radiate unconditional love.

Just silently send them good energy, send them some love and feel that connection.

Share the love❤️



I will always love every person I meet.

I will always forgive.

I will always give second chances.

I will always see beauty in the pain.

I will always help someone in need.

I choose these things not because I am weak. Not because I have unreal expectations about love and forgiveness. I do not refuse to see the world for what I really is. I am not naive.

I choose these things because I am strong. Because I believe that everyone deserves forgiveness, everyone deserves love. I am blessed to be able to see the world as a beautiful and magical place where nothing is impossible. I believe.