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Kindness is sexy. 

Kindness is attractive

Kindness is contagious.

Kindness is beautiful. 

Darkness and Light

Sometimes life is just hard. It hurts. It’s frustrating. It’s dark. Confusing. Maddening.

It’s these moments that I grow the most. It’s these moments that I have to search to find the light, reach for it and breath it in.

I have to step outside, feel the rain, the mud, the grass.et that energy run through my body. Feel that connection. Remind myself of what really matters.

It’s not money or acceptance. Power or perfection. I don’t find peace in being right or winning.

My peace comes from what some would call “the little things.”

Smiles and laughter.
Love and kindness.
Passion and risk.
Failure and perseverance.
New experiences and growth.
Compassion and freedom.
Curiosity and learning.

Some days are easy. Carefree and full of love.

Other days I must struggle to make peace with my demons. To love the dark as much as I love the light.

As I sit here, soaked from the rain and cold as hell I feel connected. I feel energized and in love with this very moment.

I am present.

Stay Wild, Be Free

Be curious, play with fire.

Ask a million questions, get dangerously close to the line.

Love without fear, and when your heart gets broken, love again.

Notice that every breath is an incredible miracle.

See the beauty in a strangers eyes.

Be passionate about everything you do. Don’t hide. Let that passion be contagious.

Live loud.

Take the risk, it’s worth it.

Embrace the mess that you are. The chaos, the imperfections.

Laugh loud and often.

Know that anything you need you can find within yourself.

Let go of expectations, doubt and worry.

Be present.

Be kind. Not only to kind people but to all.

Stay wild and be free. We aren’t meant to live in fear.


I don’t just want to exist, I want to live.

I want to experience all of the beautiful things this world and it’s people have to offer. I want to exchange stories with strangers in different lands who live completely different lives than anything I could ever imagine. I want to hear their stories of love and loss, of suffering and joy. I want to hear about their conversations with God. I want to be filled with their memories, hopes and dreams. I want to know the history of their land and their people. I want to see the pain in their eyes, the happiness in their smiles, feel the peace in their hearts. I want to cry and laugh with them. I want to fight for their causes. I want to be captivated by the beauty of their soul, I want to fall in love with their cities. I want to swim in their rivers, explore their religions, play with their children. I want to dance in their streets and walk along their beaches. I want to watch their sunsets and make love under their stars.

I feel as if I already love every one of them and the places they live. Now I just want to know them, see them. To understand and experience them.

I want to experience all of this over and over again with an open heart, full of compassion, trust and understanding.