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I don’t know, 

maybe I’m fucking crazy 

But I swear I can feel the trees in my veins,

they are begging to take me home.

The wind is starting to become a part of me,

making love to my soul.

Maybe it’s fucking mad 

But the birds keep talking to me,

they think I’m one of them.

My feet in the soil and I’m disappearing 


I’m returning.

I don’t know how much longer I can stand this,

the river might just take me home.

The only thing I ask, 

is that you come with. 

that night 

that night 

she told me of the birds 

the way they tell her stories

whisper to her soul

she told me about their wings

 feathers soaked in tears


she said they hold her secrets

and fly them overseas
it was madness and i knew it


that night 

i needed her. 

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To be like a bird

Can you imagine?

To live without fear of judgement, without fear of falling

To live in a way that others feel safe and loved in your presence

To not only be forgiving but to never take offense

To not just feel connected with a few but with all

To know that everything you need is within you

To know when to fly away and when to stay

To be at peace.

Can you imagine that freedom?