Monthly Archives: November 2014

Share the Love

Today I encourage you to silently wish good things for others. For strangers, for family, for friends, for people who annoy you, to the struggling parent you see at the grocery store, to the person who cuts you off in traffic.

Don’t limit yourself, don’t leave people out.

Radiate unconditional love.

Just silently send them good energy, send them some love and feel that connection.

Share the love❤️


Love the Crap out of Everything

Why not be enthusiastic about everything you do?

It might drive people crazy but as one of my favorite quotes by Deepak says “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

I still have my days where I actually choose to be sad, to feel lonely.

But the majority of the time, I am excited. I’m excited to go to work, excited about my future, about the present.

Life will always be a mess. I don’t have enough money, I have broke my own heart time and time again. I could list so many imperfections about life.

Life is supposed to be messy, imperfect.

I love the crap out of the imperfections.


Beautiful Mess

I spent a lot of my life changing for other people. Trying to fit into their boxes. Trying to be what society sees as normal.

The past couple years I’ve learned to accept the beautiful mess that I am.

I love who I am and who I am becoming.

Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by the beauty in this world and I cry. I get lonely. I change my mind daily. I want to be free of everything that ties me down. I love to laugh at 3am. I refuse to limit myself to one or two passions or to loving only select people. I still believe in magic. I will never take life too seriously. Under hobbies I will list “everything.” I crave a love I will probably never find. I give too much. My life is not in order. I want to be understood by someone.

People often think I am irresponsible and label me as “edgy.”

I am responsible with others. I love deep and forgive always. I show kindness and compassion.

I don’t want to be what they think I should be. I don’t need their approval anymore. I have to have faith that there are people who will be attracted to my mess. People who will understand. Who will see the beauty in the chaos.