Monthly Archives: October 2014


Burn for what you love so much that when others are around you they can feel the heat.



I will always love every person I meet.

I will always forgive.

I will always give second chances.

I will always see beauty in the pain.

I will always help someone in need.

I choose these things not because I am weak. Not because I have unreal expectations about love and forgiveness. I do not refuse to see the world for what I really is. I am not naive.

I choose these things because I am strong. Because I believe that everyone deserves forgiveness, everyone deserves love. I am blessed to be able to see the world as a beautiful and magical place where nothing is impossible. I believe.


Just Keep Dreaming

Don’t listen when they say it’s impossible.

Don’t let their doubt hold you back.

Just keep dreaming.



This is the love I crave❤️