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This Day


Today I ate the most delicious apple. The blue sky is the prettiest I have ever seen. The smiles of strangers are brighter and the air smells cleaner .

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful things are when I chose to live in the moment. To really cherish every single thing that is happening right now. It is absolutely the best feeling in the world. I realize how beautiful life is. How everything that is happening inside of me and around me is all connected, it is amazing.

When I make the decision to live like this, wonderful things always happen. Complete strangers stop and talk to me, share things with me that I will never forget, smile at me in a way that lights up my life.  It is incredible.

I urge you to love every single moment of your life, to really see the beauty in all things.

The Two Places You Absolutely Can’t Live

The Better Man Project ™

The future is far better than what we leave behind.

It makes me think. I’ll be honest, trips back to the past in my mind and sometimes in my life happen quite often. Sometimes I get caught up in thinking that things were a lot better back then than they are now. But that’s never really the case is it? Back then, well, we were struggling just as much as we are now. When you think of it that way, you begin to realize that you are so much stronger now in comparison to back then. You are now the future, at least I hope, of what you dreamed of such a long time ago. I know at least big parts of me are.

Living in uncertainty is one of the most challenging times you can ever have. But good things do come from it. That struggle to figure…

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